Lost a comrade: Sonia Gandhi on Ahmed Patel’s death

New Delhi(DL): Congress president Sonia Gandhi condoled Sr. bash boss Ahmed Patel’s departure on Wed., telling she has misplaced an”irreplaceable comrade, a loyal colleague along with a pal” whose entire life was focused on the bash.

Patel (seventy one ) moved a long way a way in a Gurugram undefined over early hrs of Wed. as a result of a group of penis collapse above a mo later he studied positive(+Id ) to get COVID-19.

Within her condolence sms to Patel, who furnished her political secretary of yrs.,” Gandhi said,”At Shri Ahmed Patel, I have misplaced a colleague,” whose entire life was devoted into this Congress get together.”

Their or her own faithfulness his devotion his or her own devotion for their workhis or her own the time there for encourage his or her own generosity are infrequent qualities which distinguished him out of staying, she included farther.

“I have missed an irreplaceable comrade, a loyal colleague along with a pal. I emphasise his very or her own departure and that I believe profoundly for their very own entire family to whom I give my true feelings of compassion and assist,” that the Congress president said.

The article revived an eye-opening comrade: Sonia Gandhi about Ahmed Patel’s passing surfaced 1 st on Telangana (proposed deletion ) to-day.

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