Lolita Asil exhibition in Mardin can be seen until 19 October

The laws of the universe, the functioning of nature, man’s discovery of material and spiritual existence areas and essence through interaction with them. Mardin awaits the audience on such a journey with Lolita Asil’s “Earth-Sky-Sky” exhibition hosted by Mardin these days.

Even taking a glance at the names of the works placed in the German Headquarters-Atamyan Mansion with media tools such as video, digital art and augmented reality, produced hand-in-hand with knowledge and intuition by considering different fields of science and art, promises the beginning of a journey. “Existence”, “Infinity”, “Sun”, “Deep Eye”, “Green-Blue”, “The Way Back to Ourselves”, “One Day, Again, All Together”, “Rebirth” ‘. It is a journey towards our invisible existence beyond our visible existence here in pursuit of light and vibration or image and sound. As the works emphasize, it continues clockwise, always being completed in time, formed by the upper half circle rolling from left to right and the lower half from right to left.


Inspired by the circle symbolizing the world and the square symbolizing the universe in Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the earth and sky are inseparable parts for Asil, who approaches the formation of the cell-human-universe in parallel with science and art. Maybe two sides of existence, back and forth, upside down, inside and out, maybe actually only one side. Emphasizing the moment-to-moment movement of the balance that has been established, the artist draws attention to the greater thing that is inside each of us and includes all of us.

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Lolita Noble


For example, “The Sun (1997, private collection)” in Asil’s exhibition, where he says, “For the first time, my works find their place in a space, a space integrated with me for the first time,” for example, is placed in the room on the top floor of the mansion that welcomes the sunrise, right at the point where the first daylight hits. Asil looked at the mansion from the outside for a month until he reached the knowledge of this point. The work in this work, which is experienced and presented to our eyes by the fact that every house in Mardin faces Mesopotamia and that none of them blocks the sun of the other, is a good example to see the yellow to purple arrangement that the painter has adopted for a long time. We can see the creation with consciousness, not just feeling, and the method of reaching information by working patiently in the eyes that he draws and paints over and over. In “Existence”, where the image of the bone tissue of the human body under the microscope is used as a pattern, it is the main subject.

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The area of ​​the exhibition that gives access to the lower and upper floors of the mansion, the rooms on the same floor and the terrace is reserved for children. With “One Day, Again, All Together” and “The Way Back to Ourselves”, the work carried out in this interactive area is intended to give a message to the universe. The message that we can turn our dreams into matter with the easiest art, with the power of our thoughts, by wishing for tomorrow at the door of hope. Saying that we can do this with the children who live in the easiest moment, Asil wishes to expand the children’s perspective and dream world with the VR glasses given to the schools visiting the exhibition.

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One of the two works in the frames in “The Way Back to Ourselves”, which was started to be drawn and painted by children, belongs to Asil himself, and the other belongs to İlber Ortaylı, who was at the opening on September 21. Adults who go to the exhibition with children until October 19 can also embroider their dreams, which they can achieve even if they have escaped into the depths of the squares where children cannot reach their height. Yes to art.

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