Local election message from CHP Group Deputy Chairman Köksal

CHP’s Köksal made statements regarding the agenda at the press conference he held in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Köksal reacted to the abolition of the remaining sentence of 75-year-old Hayrettin Gül, who was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment in the Sivas Madımak Massacre Case, by the President’s decision due to ‘permanent illness’. Köksal said, “Where was your justice in Türkan Saylan? Where was your justice when you left Cumhuriyet newspaper editor-in-chief İlhan Selçuk to die in prison and tried with conspiracy cases? Where was your justice when the successful soldier accused Lieutenant Colonel Ali Tatar of treason and caused his death? release with a decree; here is justice according to the person. Here is the summary of the AK Party century, Here is the justice of the AK Party,” he said.


On being reminded of the statements of the IYI Party and CHP regarding the local elections, Köksal said, “As the CHP, we will enter these elections in alliance if necessary, or alone if necessary. elections We continue our work by adding our night to day for this purpose,” he said.

Köksal said, ‘We cannot say that the doors are completely closed for the IYI Party, right?’ He replied, “We will make alliances if necessary, and enter alone if necessary. Our party’s authorized committees will take the necessary decisions when necessary and share them with the public.”

Köksal also stated that the 100th anniversary of his party will be celebrated on September 9 and invited the citizens to the celebration events of the CHP.

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