Lighter burned the playhouse

In Edirne, a fire broke out in a residence due to a 14-year-old boy playing with a lighter. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

The 14-year-old son of the Örs family, residing on Kırİlk Bayırı Sokak in Edirne’s Umurbey District, accidentally ignited a fire while playing with a lighter while his parents were asleep. Observing smoke emanating from the house, neighbors quickly alerted the Örs family, who were unaware of the fire and assisted them in evacuating the premises.

Firefighters and police units were promptly dispatched to the scene. Firefighters swiftly worked to contain the blaze, which had spread to the trees on the house’s roof, managing to bring it under control within a short timeframe.

The Örs family, distraught, could only watch as their home was engulfed in flames. İpek Örs, the mother, lamented the loss of their now uninhabitable house, and an investigation into the incident has been initiated.

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