How to Read the Table Prayer in Iftar? Turkish And Arabic Interpretation… What Is The Prayer After Meal?

11.04.2023 19:27 Last Update: 11.04.2023 19:30 How to Read the Table Prayer? There have been discussions about not only the table prayer, but also for other prayers in Arabic and Turkish. According to some scholars, it is better to read the prayer in Arabic, while according to some scholars, there is no harm in reading … Read more

Müge Anlı, Rabia Aslan murder latest developments! Who is Rabia Aslan’s murderer, did her fiancee shoot?

31.08.2022 13:52 Last Update: 31.08.2022 13:55 The murder of Rabia Aslan started in the program Tatlı Sert with Müge Anlı, which brought various issues into the focus of resolution. A young girl was shot in the head when she went out in front of her house in Diyarbakir Ergani to circulate tablecloths. It was announced … Read more

994 Where Is The Telephone Code? Which Country Does +994 Area Code Belong to?

30.08.2022 17:25 Last Updated: 30.08.2022 17:26 Therefore, depending on the purpose, the Azerbaijan area code 994 is entered in order to communicate over landlines. Along with this fixed number, the corresponding number is also entered in accordance with the city of Azerbaijan. 994 Where Is The Telephone Code? 994 is the dialing code of Azerbaijan. … Read more

How to use the Instagram music add feature?

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What Do Turkish Language and Literature Graduates Do? Turkish Language and Literature Department Study Areas…

What Do Turkish Language and Literature Graduates Do? Turkish Language and Literature graduates can work as a teacher in secondary education by becoming a lecturer at universities. In a general framework, they also undertake different tasks through media and television channels together with these occupational groups. For this reason, it is possible to state that … Read more