Singer Melike Şahin got married

Singer Melike Şahin announced on her social media account that she was married to Sedat Bey, whom she had been with for about 6 years. Released: 31.05.2023 – 17:31 Updated: 31.05.2023 – 17:37 Subscribe Famous singer known for songs like ‘Nasır’ and ‘I Pay the Price’ Melike Sahin been together for 6 years … Read more

Who is Melike Şahin, where is she from, how old is she? Who did Melike Şahin marry? Who is Melike Şahin’s wife?

Melike Sahin, with his social media account “My dark eyes, if we build a house with you, it’s green” He announced that he was getting married by dropping his grade. The life, career and songs of Melike Şahin, who came to the fore with her marriage, are being wondered. Alright, Who is Melike Şahin, where … Read more

The difficult life story of Al Pacino… Who is Al Pacino, where is he from, how old is he? What movies has Al Pacino acted in?

After the Oscar-winning 79-year-old master actor Robert de Niro held his 7th child in his arms last month, another piece of news came from 83-year-old Al Pacino. Oscar winner Al Pacino, the star of cult movies such as ‘Daddy’, ‘Scarface’ and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, is getting ready to welcome his fourth child. It was recorded … Read more

Ezra Miller essential for ‘The Flash’ sequel

FILE POLISH So why has Ezra Miller become a controversial name lately? The 30-year-old American actor’s list of crimes is extensive. He was repeatedly arrested for assault in Hawaii; He was accused of harassing a woman in Germany, strangling someone in Iceland, and detaining three young children and their mother in an “unsafe environment” in … Read more

Weeks after Selami Şahin, who came to the agenda with the allegation that he invited women to his office, new statement: ‘They set me up’

It was claimed that the famous artist Selami Şahin disturbed the women who were waiting in front of a shopping mall in Etiler, and even held them by the hand and invited them to his office. The images that Şahin allegedly invited the women he had turned away by holding their hands and inviting them … Read more