Lawyer Çağla Gül Bulut: The real election security should be discussed

Lawyer Cagla Gul Bulut, Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu’Instructing the Oy ve Ötesi volunteers to be kept away from the ballot boxes in the second round of the presidential election. Republic’e evaluated.

(Cagla Gul Bulut)

Providing information about the legislation, Bulut “Citizens can monitor the voting activity during the voting period in the place where the ballot box is located. Therefore, the representative of the association and its members can follow the election. The limit of monitoring here is not to hinder the work of election officials. Moreover, the vote count is also open.” said.

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Cloud continued: “To act as an observer for the presidential election can only be achieved with political parties. The main thing to talk about is why election security is needed.”

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