Latest status on KYK dormitory application results: Have the KYK dormitory main and reserve winners been announced?

KYK (General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories) dormitory applications ended on September 2. Students who have completed the application process are focused on the result announcement. KYK dormitory application results can be inquired via the e-government address So, have the KYK dormitory main and reserve winners been announced? Here is the latest status on KYK dormitory application results…

KYK dormitory applications, which started on August 29 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (GSB), ended on September 2. The beneficiaries and reserve recruitment results will be announced on the dates determined by the Ministry. KYK dormitory application results are expected to be shared by the last week of September. KYK dormitory application results will be available via e-government. When the KYK dormitory results are announced, students who have completely filled out the information on the inquiry screen will be able to access the application results. Spouses and children of martyrs, unmarried siblings of the martyr if he has no children, Veterans and children of veterans, Students under the age of twenty-five whose parents have passed away, Students who have completed their high school or equivalent education in Family and Social Services. Those who have completed their education by staying within the Ministry and those who are under state protection have the right to free accommodation in the Ministry’s dormitories. After the first registration fee is paid, the dormitory fee must be paid by 23:00 on the last day of the current month. However, students living in dormitories are given until 15 September at 23.00 to pay their September dormitory fees. The records of students who do not make their payments at the end of this period will be deleted.

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