Latest situation in Sudan: Ceasefire extended for 5 more days – Last Minute World News


The army wanted the HDK, which it once supported but regarded as a threat because it behaved like an independent and parallel army, to be fully integrated into the army within 2 years. The war and the escalating tension turned into an armed conflict between the parties on the morning of April 15, in the capital Khartoum and in various cities.

The HDK was formed in the form of a militia structure to fight against the rebels, protect the borders and maintain order in Darfur during the period of President Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown by a coup in 2019. The HDK, which was attached to the Security and Intelligence Organization in 2013 and then became more independent, has tens of thousands of members.

Stating that more than one million people were displaced within the country, the United Nations announced that 300,000 people fled to neighboring countries due to conflicts.

Sudan’s Ministry of Health announced that 709 people have been killed and 5,424 injured since the beginning of the conflict.

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