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In the third most important club level tournament of European football, Fiorentina and West Ham United faced off at the Eden Arena in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

In the 12th minute of the fast-paced fight, West Ham’s attack developed, and Declan Rice sent a hard shot from inside the penalty arc, and the ball went slightly sideways.

The efforts of the two teams did not yield results in the first 45 minutes and the half ended 0-0.

In the 56th minute, Kouame from Fiorentina took a hard shot in front of the penalty area, and goalkeeper Areola controlled the ball.

In the 60th minute, Spanish referee Carlos del Cerro Grande showed the penalty spot after examining Biraghi’s handling of the ball in the penalty area with VAR.

Benrahma, who was on top of the ball in the 62nd minute, brought his team forward 1-0 by bringing the leather ball together with the nets from the left of the goalkeeper.

Fiorentina caught the draw in the 67th minute. Bonaventura, who met the ball on the right diagonal of the penalty area with the ball that Gonzalez dropped with his head, brought the round leather ball to the nets from the far corner with a shot he made between two West Ham players: 1-1.

Bowen, who was hanging behind the defense in the 90th minute, hit the ball from the left side as soon as he entered the penalty area, the ball went to the net over the goalkeeper Terracciano: 1-2.

Maintaining the score in the remaining division, West Ham United took the trophy to its museum.


West Ham United, who enjoyed the championship by beating Fiorentina 2-1 in the UEFA European Conference League Final, took its first trophy in Europe to its museum. On the other hand, this championship was Scottish Coach David Moyes’ first European success.


English Premier League team West Ham United has never been defeated in the UEFA European Conference League Championship adventure.

The British team, which finished 1st in Group B with 6 wins and 18 points, faced AEK Larnaca in the last 16 rounds. In the first match of the last 16 round, he beat the Cyprus team 2-0 away, and defeated his opponent 4-0 in the return match played at home.

Facing the Belgian team Gent in the quarter-finals, West Ham won 4-1 at home in the 1-1 rematch and became the semi-finalists.

He defeated Dutch representative AZ Alkmaar in the semi-finals 2-1 at home and 1-0 in the rematch and became the opponent of the Italian team Fiorentina in the final. In the final match, the British team beat their opponent 2-1 and finished the tournament undefeated as the champion.

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