Last minute… Erdogan gives a post-election balcony speech

Breaking news… According to uncertain results, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was elected President, is giving a balcony speech in the ‘Kulliye’.

Released: 29.05.2023 – 00:03

Updated: 29.05.2023 – 00:05


Headlines from Erdogan’s balcony speech are as follows;

“The official figure is 320 thousand people right now. I’m not telling the roads. The roads from the airport to here were congested. You did not leave the People’s Alliance alone on this road. We marched day and night and you gave this task to us again. I hope we continue to build the Century of Turkey together. We continue.

We have completed the second round of elections with the favor of our nation. I would like to thank our nation for once again giving us the responsibility of governing the country for the next 5 years.”


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