Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Season 3 Episode 29 Watch Online In English & Urdu Subtitles

The Kurulus Osman Episode 93 of Season 3 is aired on Wednesday night in Turkey and released in English subtitles across the globe, India and Pakistan on Thursday.

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Written Update

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 starts with Osman bey completes all the preparation for Inegol attack.

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Osman bey about to shoot the first canon ball with the bigger catapults they built. Charkutay rushes there and reveals Akcha dervash’s will.

Then Osman bey puts Akcha dervesh’s dagger on the first canon ball and shoots Inegol castle.

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And after that Osman bey, Gunduz bey, Turgut bay and other alps starts shooting Inegol castle.

Shykh Edebali offers namaz leading all turkmen and prays for the conquest of the Inegol castle.

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On the other side priest tells his people that Nikola has started this war. And he suggests we should treat turks friendly then they will treat us friendly as well.

Aktemur comes there and asks him to keep quiet to be saved.

Osman bey sends his beys to different directions to stop aid coming to Inegol.

Berkin bey who’s the traitor among the Kayi tribe, informs Nikola about this.

Nikola and Romanos plans an attack to take advantage of this situtation.

Aktemur informs that Romanos will attack them. Osman bey takes precautions.

Romanos smartly finds out that Aktemur is the traitor by asking about who appointed you here. He uses aktemur to bait Osman bey.

Holofira leaves the tribe on the other side and soldiers poisons the food of Kayi tribe.

Upcoming Twist:

How Osman bey conquers Inegol castle and kills Nikola is worth watching.

About Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman is a super hit Turkish historical drama TV series, released by Mehmet Bozdag from Turkey.

The Kurulus Osman Season 3 focuses on the life of Osman Ghazi, founder of the Ottoman Empire.

It is the sequel to Dirilis: Ertugrul drama (TV Series) that received a huge fan following and broke many records across the globe, which was focused on the life of Ertugrul Ghazi, father of Osman.

First episode date: 20 November 2019
Production location(s): Riva, Istanbul, Turkey
Number of seasons: 3 and counting
Number of episodes: 30 Episodes in Season 1. 64 episodes were aired in Season 2 and 27 episodes are aired in Season 3 by the time of this writing.
Network: ATV

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