Kılıçdaroğlu told his new MYK ‘We will not stay in ivory towers’

In the new MYK, the convention decision taken by the party assembly was also scheduled. Accordingly, the congress processes that will start in July are expected to be completed in October, and then the party council is expected to convene and determine a day for the convention. It is said that Kılıçdaroğlu will be a candidate again in the congress to be held.


The party will also make changes in its statute within the scope of the change studies in the next process. In this context, a committee will be established in the party. CHP staffs, who gave information about what the said commission will do, said, “We will make the statute more democratic. We will increase political participation. We will look at what we can do to make women, youth and disabled people more active in politics. Afterwards, a commission will be formed in our congress, which will be held like October about the statute. They will consider the work to be done. We will not prepare a statute from scratch, but some changes are envisaged in the current statute.


On the other hand, the CHP, which has made “change” statements in the post-election process, aims to bring more women and young names in the party to the fore. The parliamentary group of the party and the new MYK were changed in this context. Speaking about this change in the party, the staff said, “There is an expectation of rejuvenation in the society. We had to meet that too. It is a necessity to carry the changes of the society to the party. The party needs to open up to new segments. We are also working in this context”. In addition, this change in the CHP administration “may also be reflected in the nomination process in local elections; It was noted that there may be more young and female candidates.

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