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Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu made statements at the press conference he held at the headquarters of his party and answered questions.

Karamollaoğlu stated that an important election process had been completed, and claimed that all kinds of perceptions and manipulations, as well as unimaginable lies and slanders took place in this process.

Expressing that presidential candidates Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu remained calm despite all this and showed sincere efforts, Karamollaoğlu thanked him for this stance and said, “I congratulate him for succeeding in getting the vote of almost one of the two voters.” said.

“No excuse can replace success.” Karamollaoğlu argued that the fact that the elections were held under abnormal conditions should be taken into account, and that a heavy polarization and polarization policy was carried out throughout the process.


When asked about the Future Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu’s call for the establishment of a group in the Parliament, Karamollaoğlu reminded that they had made this effort in the past, but an alliance could not be achieved.

Karamollaoğlu said, “Some efforts will be made to establish a group in the Assembly. We will see what kind of result will be achieved in time. It may be a little early to talk about the conditions and infrastructure, but it is only natural that we are in this search.” used his statements.


Answering the questions of members of the press after the speeches, Karamollaoğlu was reminded of the meeting they had with Kılıçdaroğlu as the leaders of the Nation Alliance on the evening of 28 May at the CHP.

Karamollaoğlu said that it is a “natural issue” for them to come together, that no “serious issue” was entered in the meeting, and that it should be considered as a “courtesy meeting”.

Reminding the rate of votes received by the Welfare Party, a member of the press said, “Where do you think the national opinion votes went? How did Felicity lose their votes?” Karamollaoğlu answered the question as follows:

“We do not respect artificial exits. May God have mercy on us, our teacher Erbakan passed away as the Chairman of the Felicity Party. This is a very important issue. After him, unfortunately, his children directly betrayed the trust left by our teacher Erbakan. We made an effort for this purpose, but I will not go into details here at the moment. Since many issues came to the fore, he went to the AK Party, which betrayed his father, and acted with them. I think there are some issues underlying this. But of course, we evaluate their situation. He has made some evaluations in the elections so far. We have to evaluate their steps as a political party. But the political party is built on facts. It is not a sign of being on our teacher’s path by memorizing our teacher Erbakan’s discourses and voicing it on the screens.”

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