Journalism seminar focused on women, children and LGBTI+ from the Communication Workers Solidarity Network

Communication Workers Solidarity Networkon Sunday, September 25, at 16.00-20.00 will organize a human rights-focused seminar at Kadıköy Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center.

Many citizens, including press workers, are expected to attend the seminar.

Our newspaper correspondent Sinem Nazli Demir, in the subject titled “The use of language and visuals in the news of femicide and child abuse”; bianet correspondent Evolution Shutter if “Why is LGBTI+ journalism important?He will be the executive director on the topic titled “.

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The seminar, which will take place at the Ruhi Su Hall, will discuss the representation of women, children and LGBTI+s in the media and what should be considered in the language of the news.

The organizers of the seminar will convey the importance of human rights-oriented journalism by showing the mistakes made on sample news as an example. And the importance of LGBTI+ journalism will be emphasized.

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