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On August 26, the American media TMZ published a video of a few seconds in which Jennifer Lopez (53 years old), dressed as a bride, sang a song to her husband, Ben Affleck (50 years old), who was watching his woman sitting on a chair in the front line of the performance. The video belongs to a moment that occurred during the second wedding that the couple, known as Bennifer, celebrated on August 20 in front of a hundred guests, including friends of the couple as well as their relatives, and which took place in Savannah, Georgia, at Affleck’s 90-acre farm in the area, on Hampton Island, an island formed by a pair of creeks and the Conasauga River. “All night long,” Lopez sings surrounded by a dance group, “I can feel the passion in your eyes / I’m still in love with you.”

Despite the fact that the networks have exploded with joy after seeing the romantic moment starring one of the star couples of the Internet, Jennifer Lopez has not been slow to take the floor to show her disgust at this leak. In a comment to one of the videos spread rapidly on social networks, Lopez has responded: “This was recorded without permission. Spot. And whoever did it took advantage of our private moment.”

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In the same text, Lopez is amazed that the video has been made public, since all the guests signed confidentiality agreements and were explicitly asked not to share anything about the wedding, something that could have legal consequences for those who has leaked it: “What we share is our decision”, the singer has written, recalling that all her private matters are disseminated through her newsletter OnTheJLo with her fans, which she will do with the celebration of that link when she feels ready to it. “This has been stolen without my consent and sold for money,” added Jennifer Lopez with the emoji of a sad face.

Since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck resumed their relationship, 17 years after their official breakup, the actor and the singer have wanted, as much as possible, to control everything related to their love situation as much as possible. This is not trivial if you take into account that one of the main reasons for the breakup was the harassment to which the couple was subjected by the media: this was revealed by Affleck himself in a podcast called Awards Chatter from The Hollywood Reporter last 2021: “My relationship with Jennifer Lopez turned out to be that tabloid story at the time that business grew exponentially.” For this second opportunity, in which, as Jennifer Lopez confessed to People magazine, they are “older, smarter” and have more experience, the couple has opted to appear naturally in front of the paparazzi, knowing that they will never they are going to get rid of them: But they have also decided to control what they share and, above all, with whom: their two weddings (the first by surprise and in secret in mid-July in Las Vegas; the second, already expected, is in Georgia) , shrouded in great secrecy, were gradually revealed by the singer herself in her newsletter, with no more fanfare than an email arriving in a fan’s inbox.

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