IYI Party president resigned and joined the AK Party

At the ceremony held at the AK Party Kepsut District Presidency, Anıl Eren and Alper Uludağ, who resigned from the IYI Party, wore their badges together with Provincial President Ekrem Başaran and Balıkesir Deputy İsmail Ok, together with Kepsut Mayor İsmail Cankul.

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Speaking at the badge ceremony, Kepsut Mayor İsmail Cankul said, “Kepsut continues to grow with the right man with the right steps. In the 14 May elections, our country once again realized that for the indivisible integrity of our homeland and with the leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the name of this victory we will achieve is the ‘Century of Turkey’. Now, we will walk together in this blessed cause with greater power and more faith, and we will witness this rise. With the participation of President Hüseyin Murat Uysal, IYI Party Mayor Candidate Anıl Eren and IYI Party Balıkesir Organization President Alper Uludağ resigned from their parties and joined our AK Party District Organization. I wish the best of luck to our dear friends, our country and our nation who have just joined us.”

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