Item Names Starting with Z… Items Starting with Z

Item Names Starting with Z

Objects are objects that are frequently used by many people in daily life. Although they are used visually, there are also useful items. The names of the items that start with the letter Z are also wondered by many people. Item names that start with Z appear as Emerald, Zurna, Chain, Zili Zift, Sandpaper, Staple, Zinc, Zeytinlik, Zembil, Zemberek, Envelope, Dice and Zamk.

Items Starting with the Letter Z

Items starting with Z are as follows:

Gum: It is used as an adhesive and consists of the bark of gum trees.

Dice: It is a game tool used in games such as backgammon, okey and made of ivory, plastic or bone materials in the form of cubes. All six faces have numbers one through six.

Envelopes: These are the paper bags in which letters or other papers are placed.

Zemberek: The part that activates the parts of the clocks is called the Zemberek.

Zembil: It is a bag with a handle knitted from straw.

Zeppelin: An airship, known as an airship, has a balloon under it and is a light aircraft that can fly in the air under its own power.

Punch: A tool used to punch holes in paper, cardboard or belt. It is a tool that attaches the papers with a metal wire to hold them together.

Sanding: It covers very hard aluminum crystals and is formed as a result of bonding natural rock, which is also used as an extreme. It is generally used in metal and glass ceramic industry.

Harpoon: A spear used to catch and attract large fish.

Bell: A round object that bumps into each other and makes a sound as a result.

Chain: It is a link made up of a row of metal rings that are interlocked.

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