‘It will be compulsory in every school with 100 students’

Minister of education Mahmut Ozerguidance counselorHe made a statement regarding the obligation.

Özer said in a statement on his Twitter account:

“I would like to share our good news for our esteemed counselor candidates here; it will be mandatory to have a guidance counselor in every school with 100 students, regardless of their type. We will continue to support the psychological resilience of our students at our schools.”

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I would like to share a good news for our esteemed guidance teacher candidates here:

Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school, regardless of the type, every school with 100 students will have to have a guidance teacher.

Psychological resilience of our students in our schools… pic.twitter.com/bKNBlebbYh

— Mahmut Ozer (@prof_mahmutozer) May 27, 2023

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