It took a big hit strategically.

Estoniachief of foreign intelligence Kaupo Rosin, UkraineHe said that ‘s recent successes in gaining territory are based on Kyiv and foreign intelligence services.

Kaupo Rosin considers the transfer of information in the field as a part of Russian intelligence. “weakness” described as.

rosin, “It is clear that Ukraine has capable intelligence agencies, but foreign aid is also a great help. I believe there is enough today. Their recent achievements – Kherson, Kharkiv – did not attack on a whim. Some form of intelligence, whether Ukrainian, foreign or a combination of the two. “Without intelligence, I dare to say that modern warfare would end quickly and horribly.” said.

Rosin stated that this does not mean that Russian intelligence can be taken lightly. “They continue to be engaged on a strategic level. They are outnumbered, aggressive, educated and persistent. Their problem may be rather information moving between their own structures. In other words, the information gained does not seem to reach people on the battlefield due to a reluctance or inability to share it. This aspect of command and control seems weak on the Russian side” he said.

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NATO During his tenure as the deputy head of the intelligence and security department at the Headquarters RussiaRosin said that war is expected to break out after the invasion of Ukraine. “Some time before February 24, we believed there would be a full-blown war. Russia’s plan may not have worked on the battlefield, but strategically Ukraine has taken a huge hit: millions of refugees, a collapsed economy… So it has a strategic impact. “ said.

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Rosin said that the main conclusion that can be drawn from the Ukrainian war is that Estonia should improve its defenses in peacetime.

rosin, “We know the Russians can make stupid decisions, but at the end of the day they will still be counting tanks. Everything our NATO allies put in the region, the other side is always watching and trying to understand how serious it all is. If we take ourselves seriously, the enemy will take us seriously, and that’s it.” It also helps prevent any miscalculations. used the phrases.

Arguing that the war should end with the victory of Ukraine, Rosin said, “Otherwise, there may be a pause that will continue for a few more years. Russia’s victory or a break from the war will also send a message to aggressors everywhere that the war is worth it.” said.

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Pointing out that if Russia wins the war, Estonia’s efforts to increase its defense would become more urgent, Rosin said that Estonia made the right decisions, but that its Western allies should also participate in these decisions.

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