‘It is a necessity to form a group together’

CHP who put 10 deputies in the parliament from their lists Future Party General President Ahmet Davutogluin the live broadcast he participated in, made a call to three parties, which are among the other components of the Nation Alliance.

Davutoğlu’s statement is as follows:


“Those who are disturbed by the AK Party shift to the MHP and try to find a balance in total… Of course, the question ‘Why couldn’t the National Alliance pull these things out’ is a correct question. I saw this issue two years ago. I said, ‘Come, let’s establish a common ground over there.’ You’ll see some things come the storm, but the force isn’t enough to keep it on your back.”

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Noting that he has made his call again now, Davutoğlu said, “Especially to the officials of these three parties. A new picture has emerged in the parliament, it is a must to form a group together. It is a must to form a group together with the three parties, even the Democratic Party.”


Davutoğlu, “How will we work together?” On the question he said:

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“There are formulas. We worked. And I don’t bring up anything that I haven’t studied. They have very easy formulas. As long as people learn a little from their experiences. Yes. So yes. We can’t blame the voter there either. He can’t go to a place he’s not used to and shoot him. I said that.”

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