It causes the tomatoes to spoil quickly! never never do

The mistake that caused the tomato to spoil! If you put the tomato in the refrigerator, it loses its nutritional value and spoils in a short time. Some foods should not be put in the refrigerator.

In the content of Habertürk; Listed foods that should never be put in the refrigerator. Here are those foods


Putting potatoes in the refrigerator causes them to lose their taste. So instead of putting your potatoes in the refrigerator, store them in a cool place. Potatoes turn into sugar when kept at low heat. Therefore, they lose their flavor and leave a sweet taste in the mouth. It also softens when its fibrous structure is lost.

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garlic and onion

If the garlic and onion are peeled, they should be stored at room temperature. Store separately from potatoes, as potatoes emit ethylene, which can cause onions to sprout. The best friend of garlic and onions is darkness. If you don’t have a large, unlit area, you can store them in paper bags with a few holes for air passage. In this way, you can store onions and garlic wherever you want and at the same time meet their dark needs.

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Chocolate loses its flavor at low temperatures. You must have seen a white layer on the chocolate when you kept it in the fridge… Besides, it absorbs odors quickly. Therefore, you can enjoy other foods that you keep in the fridge from chocolate.


Eggplant is very sensitive to cold. Eggplants stored in the refrigerator will soften, so it is better to keep them at room temperature. Eggplant is a very delicate vegetable. It is watered at low temperatures and dries out in hot weather.

Cucumber and zucchini

Cucumbers will soften and darken in the refrigerator. In addition, as time passes, its surface becomes sticky. When zucchini is stored in the refrigerator, it will become soft and covered with mold.

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Avocado placed in the refrigerator loses its moisture. For this reason, it would be best to store avocados in a fruit container at room temperature.

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