‘It can be distinguished by its quality spice color and smell’

Today, when globalization and multiculturalism accelerate, it becomes more possible to carry the flavors of different geographies to other parts of the world. The role of spices in trade, which is one of them and opens the door to original flavors, is increasing day by day. According to the data announced by Statista, the global spice market, which closed 2022 with 79 billion dollars, is expected to leave this year behind with 126 billion dollars. Hayfene Managing Partner Ahmet Kadıoğlu made statements about the tricks of finding fresh spices and the changing habits of consumers.


Kadıoğlu stated the following on the subject:

“Spices are the most important element that gives flavor to food. Of course, using fresh spices plays an important role in finding this taste, and there are several ways to distinguish fresh spices. The first of these is the color of the spice. Fresh spices have brighter and more intense colors, while stale ones turn pale and lifeless. On the other hand, when we smell fresh spices, we get an intense, sharp and aromatic smell. Spices with a strong aroma add a unique taste to the dishes and leave a distinctive mark on the palate. It is also possible to detect the freshness of grain and leaf spices by putting some spice in your palm, crushing it with your thumb and again by its smell. It is also very important to store the spices in an environment where the appropriate temperature and humidity are created.”

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Stating that the safest way for consumers who have problems in finding quality spices is to choose branded and packaged products, Ahmet Kadıoğlu also mentioned the changing spice usage habits in Turkey and said, “In the past, except for a small group, the spices used by consumers were limited. Today, while the number of spices used at home is increasing, people are adopting a more open-minded approach to trying innovative products. We produce innovative products by following changing habits in order to respond to the interest of consumers. For example, Elements Series, which has the motto ‘Create your own flavor universe in the kitchen’, consists of 5 different flavor combinations. The fire spice mix is ​​used for red meats and grills, and the water spice mix is ​​used for fish and seafood. On the other hand, air spice mix is ​​preferred for poultry and earth spice mix is ​​preferred for vegetables. Finally, we also have an umami flavored spice mix that we call the 5th element and is used for all dishes. We think that this spice will become a classic that takes its place in all kitchens.”

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Ahmet Kadıoğlu, who stated that the kitchen habits change very quickly and the spice industry, which is a very traditional field, has to transform itself in order to respond to these variables, concluded his words as follows:

“People enjoy reaching different tastes and being appreciated for their skills in the kitchen. Spices are also the most important element that takes a dish to the next level. This being the case, we decided to produce content that shows how spices can be blended with which dishes for the benefit of those who have set their heart on cooking. These contents we produced on social media attracted great attention. As a brand operating in the sector since 1886, we take it as a mission to lead the new era. In this transformation in the kitchen, we will continue to meet the needs of spice lovers and support them to create their own flavor universe.”

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