It appeared during the First World War! This coffee is made from chickpeas…

CanakkaleCemil Kısa, who has been running a coffee house for three generations in Işıkeli village of Biga district of Turkey, offers chickpea coffee, which emerged during the absence during the First World War, but was forgotten over the years and received a geographical indication a while ago, to coffee lovers.

As a result of the initiatives of Biga District Governorate, Biga Municipality, Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Biga Chamber of Agriculture 15 August’registered in “chickpea coffee“, while becoming a new flavor alternative for coffee lovers, it has turned Işıkeli village, where it is offered, into one of the must-visit spots in Çanakkale.


The flavor of chickpea coffee, which attracts attention with its preparation as well as its history, is kept alive by Cemil Kısa, the last representative of the family that has been operating a coffee house for three generations in Işıkeli village.

While preparing his chickpea coffee, Cemil Kısa prefers to use local chickpeas. Short, who grinds the chickpeas roasted in the oven in his workshop in two separate machines, then makes the chickpeas ready for cooking.

Short, flavoring a teaspoon of chickpea coffee with a sugar cube, adds a little carbonate to the coffee pot and cooks it slowly over low heat.

Cemil Kısa distributes the dense foam formed during cooking to the cups on his tray, and after pouring the rest of the coffee he has cooked for a while into the cups, he makes his presentation.


Coffee shop owner Cemil Kısa said that during the First World War, when the famine was experienced, his grandfathers roasted chickpeas and sieved them instead of coffee in order not to be deprived of coffee.

Short, who stated that chickpea coffee started to be forgotten in the times when coffee was plentiful, said, “Everyone left, but we did not, we tried to bring it to the present day. Today, chickpea coffee is very popular and drunk.”


Explaining how chickpea coffee is prepared, Kısa said that attention should be paid to the degree of roasting of chickpeas.

Stating that the size of the coffee is also important when cooking, Kısa said, “We recommend a dessert spoon per cup and a little sugar. Turkish coffee makes foam once, while our coffee makes foam when you keep it on the stove. You pour the foam, you put the coffee pot on the stove again. If you complete it to the third, you will reach the consistency. ” said.

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