Is it risky to use artificial intelligence in the healthcare field? Scientists explained

In a scientific analysis study published yesterday in the UK-based BMJ Journal of Global Health, it was stated that while artificial intelligence (AI) offers promising solutions in healthcare, it poses a number of threats to human health and well-being. In the article they published on the study of the international team of scientists, they drew attention to false and misleading results about human health in some samples using artificial intelligence.

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It has been noted that the artificial intelligence used in devices that measure blood oxygen overestimates the oxygen levels in the blood in patients with darker skin, and this causes a patient with oxygen deficiency to not be treated.

Another example is that artificial intelligence facial recognition systems are very likely to misclassify gender in darker-skinned subjects, stating, “It has also been shown that populations exposed to discrimination may therefore be deprived of all the benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare.” The scientists, who are the authors of the article, recommended the development of legal regulations that will ensure control before the use of artificial intelligence in the health sector.

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