Iran alert in Israel: In preparation for nuclear attack

In Al-Monitor, a Washington-based Middle East publication,‘Israeli top officials are on alert over Iran’s preparations for nuclear attack’ A news article was published. According to the report, Israeli security chiefs have recently become concerned not only with Iran’s uranium enrichment work, but also with Tehran’s rapidly increasing capabilities to launch a military nuclear strike.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference held annually in Israel Israel Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzl Halevi said, “We must be alert to negative developments that could lead to Israel taking action against Iran.”

Halevi continued his speech as follows:

“Iran has made more progress in uranium enrichment than ever before. We are also closely examining other aspects of the Iranians’ path to nuclear capacity. Without going into details, there may be negative developments on the horizon that will require us to take action.”

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Speaking to the US Congress on March 23, two months before the intelligence received by Israel, US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said that Iran could produce enough chemicals for four or five nuclear bombs in less than two weeks. It was revealed by experts that Iran could reach this production capacity in a shorter time than expected. ‘Pearl Harbor’ It was described as an intelligence failure of its size.

“Either General Milley was wrong and the Americans failed in their assessment, or we fell asleep,” a former senior Israeli intelligence officer told Al-Monitor on an anonymous basis.

A former Western intelligence source told Al-Monitor on anonymity: “These are perhaps not standard military-grade nuclear warheads. The Iranians may have found a way to assemble a different type of bomb, but what is certain is a nuclear weapon before the eyes of the whole world.” “They’ve made real progress on their capacity,” he said.

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One day before Halevi’s speech, the Chief of Military Intelligence, Major General Aharon Haliva, gave a conference presentation, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Iran’s main partner in the Middle East. Hassan Nasrallahfocused on and “Israel even now knows what Nasrallah is planning” said.

Speaking to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, a senior Israeli diplomatic source said: “Even though he doesn’t want to fight Israel, Nasrallah is no longer afraid.”

The source continued:

“Nasrallah is ready to take risks when it comes to attacks. Like all the players around, he smells Israel’s weakness given its internal turmoil.”

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Evaluations of progress in Iran’s nuclear program were bolstered by new satellite images released last week in Israel and other media, proving that Iran has completed construction of a new infrastructure facility 80 meters below ground.

An Israeli intelligence source told Al-Monitor, “This depth will give them immunity from the latest US bunker-piercing munitions.”

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