Interesting method for the exercise: They will close the highway!

In the event of war in Finland, in case the airports are damaged, it is foreseen that some highways in the country will be used for the landing and take-off of warplanes. The Finnish Air Force Academy said in a statement: “The Air Force conducts regular exercises outside of their home bases in order to be able to quickly fly the aircraft across the country when necessary.”

In the exercise, in which approximately 200 military personnel will participate, “F/A-18 Hornet” and “Hawk Mk 51” warplanes in Finland’s Air Force fleet will land and take off in the last week of September.

Finland has significantly increased its military training within the country as it has applied for membership in the NATO alliance as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Resisting the Soviet Union’s invasion attempt during World War II, Finland has been preparing its army for possible Russian aggression for decades.

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