Interest-free marriage loan for newlyweds: When will the marriage loan be given, how much will it be? – Last Minute Economy News

The explanation regarding the marriage loan is as follows;

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“In order to encourage new marriages, we will provide newly married couples with a two-year, 48-month maturity of 150 thousand TL interest-free marriage loans through the Family and Youth Bank. In addition, the activities of the Family and Youth Bank include various activities that protect and strengthen the family institution, especially the education of children. services can also be supported.

We will observe the compatibility of this three-element program with the Income Supplementary Family Support System, and we will establish the balance between the programs at a level that will not deter taking part in working life.

Our social support programs will be reviewed by taking into account their economic and social side effects, and their protective and improving quality of family integrity will be strengthened.

We will standardize the conditions for benefiting from social assistance. We will expand the flexible working opportunities of fathers as well as mothers. We will take measures to protect the family established by the marriage bond of men and women from all kinds of harmful tendencies.

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