In India, the government official had the dam emptied to find his phone that fell into the water – Last Minute World News

According to the BBC’s report, Rajesh Vishwas from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh took action to retrieve his phone that fell into the Kherkatta Dam while taking a selfie.

Vishwas, who first applied to the divers in the region to find his phone worth $ 1200, which fell into the dam, activated the diesel-fueled water pump, which he paid for, after the efforts were inconclusive.

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The water pump, which was operated to save the phone, emptied 2 million liters of water from the dam in 3 days.

Vishwas, who was investigated for misconduct after the incident, claimed that he had secret government documents on his phone.

Vishwas said he had “verbal permission” from a dam official to drain the water; He claimed that the official said that the pumped water would be diverted to a nearby irrigation channel and made available to the farmers.

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It was stated that the discharged water was sufficient for 600 hectares of agricultural land.

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