I don’t roll my tongue like them!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem ImamogluA New Morning with İsmail KüçükkayaHe was a guest on the program.

Headlines from İmamoğlu’s statements are as follows:

The president of a country, for God’s sake. You watched this video at a rally.

-Minister, the consultant cannot defend, his tongue is spinning. I don’t roll my tongue like them!

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-Such sins sometimes destroy a family.

-What kind of ambition is it to destroy the order of the nation?

-We carried out a process without any contempt for it. President of a country ‘But assembly, but this, but this’… You made it seem real. Can’t defend now. What kind of greed is this. What a black heart is this. It’s not going to happen.

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-You put our president in the same frame with the terrorist organization, then you leave ‘But assembly’… God’s justice is great. Even if we said it a thousand times, we could not tell a part of our nation. Now he has confessed.

Details are coming…

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