‘I cried when I was first selected for the national team’

Cenk Özkaçar, one of the players of the A National Football Team, met with the fans in the “fan zone” (fan zone), which was established before the A National Team’s match against Armenia in the UEFA 2024 European Championship Qualification Group D.

National football player Cenk Özkacar emphasized that they want to defeat Armenia in order to maintain the good course.

Explaining that he could not forget the moment he wore the national jersey for the first time last year, Cenk Özkacar said, “I was in İzmir when I was invited to the national team for the first time. I had not been called to other age categories of the national team before. I was called to the A National Team after the Ümit National Team. I got goosebumps at the messages. I can’t forget my happiness and tears when I was first called.” he said.

Cenk Özkacar stated that his family is the biggest supporter and source of motivation for him and that Barış Alper Yılmaz is the player who makes him laugh the most in the national team.

Asking the fans to support them until the last minute of the match, the 22-year-old player said, “I tell them not to be deceived by the course of the match. We want to feel and see their support behind us. We will show them a good and quality match.” used his statements.

Cenk Özkacar predicted that Turkey will win the match 2-0.

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