Hz. What Are the Names of Muhammad’s Children? How Many Children Does the Prophet Have?

Hz. What Are the Names of Muhammad’s Children?

Hz. Muhammad’s Hatice and Hz. He had children from his marriage to Mariye. However, the sons of our prophet died at the age of infancy. The girls were young when they died. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), Hz. He had 6 children from Hatice. These are in order of birth; Kasım had the names Zeynep, Rukiye, Ümmü Gülsüm, Fatima, Abdullah and İbrahim. Our Master the Prophet He had only one child with Mary, and his name was Abraham.

Our Prophet How Many Children Does Muhammad Have?

Hz. Muhammad (saas) had a total of 8 children from two of his marriages, but he lost his sons in infancy. Hz. Muhammad named his first child Qasim, but he died in Mecca when Qasim was just 2 years old. Hz. Mohammed’s firstborn and first deceased child was Qasim. Hz. Zeynep was born when Muhammed was 30 years old, Zeynep was 4 years old when she passed away. The other daughter of our Prophet (saas) died in Medina at the age of 4.

Hz. Rukiye was born when Muhammad was 33 years old. Hz. When Rukiye grew up, Hz. She married Osman and began to live in Abyssinia. Rukiyah, who later migrated to Medina, died when the Battle of Badr was over. Umm Kulthum was born before the advent of Islam. Hz. When Rukiye died, Hz. Ümmü Gülsüm, who married Osman, passed away when she was only in the sixth year of marriage.

Hz. The name of Muhammad’s youngest daughter was Fatima. Fatima was born in Mecca. She died a few months after the death of Muhammad. Hz. One of the sons of Muhammad (saas) Hz. When Abdullah was 3 months old, Hz. Ibrahim died when he was 18 months old.

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