How To Spell donut? Correct Spelling for Poğaça TDK… Poğaça or Poğça?

Spellings in the form of “Poğça” and “Poaça” are incorrect. TDK records are the correct source and the correct spelling is seen as Poğaça. Poğaça is both the name of a delicious food and a word that should be known among Turkish words that should be written and spoken correctly.

How To Spell donut? Poğaça TDK Correct Spelling

Pastry is among the favorite food types of people of all ages. Poğaça, which is read and written in different ways, is called poaça or poğça in daily conversations. According to TDK records, POĞAÇA is the correct spelling. It should be read in the same way. The letter distribution of the word Poğaça is as follows, it consists of six letters as PO-Ğ-A-Ç-A.

Pastry is a dough made by adding baking powder to a mixture of flour, salt, milk, oil and eggs. Cheese, potatoes, etc. by opening the desired dimensions. It is cooked in the oven by adding filling materials such as filling and closing it on the tray. It gives great pleasure to be served hot with its delicious taste and wonderful smell.

Poğaça or Poğça?

Pastry is an indispensable snack for everyone with its taste and deliciousness. In order to develop Turkish and transfer it to future generations, words must be written correctly. The word “poğaça” is one of the effective examples that is frequently used in daily life. It is correct to write it in the form of a pastry. Spelling forms such as poğça and poaça are not correct.

The word pastry can be used in every field as a type of food, as well as in puzzles and intelligence games. The correct spelling of the word Poğaça in the TDK dictionary is also seen in this way. For those wondering, Poğaça is a six-letter word and is also the name of a delicious snack. It can also appear as a question in entertainment such as puzzles, intelligence games, word hunting.

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