How To Spell BC BC TDK Correct Spelling… Is There a Period Between BC?

How To Spell BC

The words mö are generally used when describing some historical events. However, to show that these words describe the period before Christ, a period is usually put in between. Because these words come to the forefront as a structure describing 2 different words at the same time. In this direction, with the emergence of the form before Christ, BC. evaluated by punctuation.

BC TDK Correct Spelling

It should be said that a period must be added for the abbreviation of mö when it is considered at the point of the Turkish Language Institution. More precisely, two points should be evaluated, not just one.

M (false)


In this way, it is possible to evaluate correctly through the second given abbreviation. Because it is used in capital letters and it is understood that it is a complete abbreviation by putting a period in between.

Is There a Dot Between BC?

For mö, which stands out as an abbreviation, the punctuation mark is evaluated. Because, as the name suggests, it is an abbreviation and a period is used to describe abbreviations. For this reason, a dot must be placed in front of both the letter m and the letter o.

”The Egyptians It is an ancient civilization that lived.

By evaluating the point in this way, BC as an abbreviation. form can be used. It is one of the important abbreviations used when describing many different subjects, especially from a historical perspective. This abbreviation, which is considered to be before Christ, is evaluated in the form of MS after Christ.

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