How to Read the Table Prayer in Iftar? Turkish And Arabic Interpretation… What Is The Prayer After Meal?

How to Read the Table Prayer?

There have been discussions about not only the table prayer, but also for other prayers in Arabic and Turkish. According to some scholars, it is better to read the prayer in Arabic, while according to some scholars, there is no harm in reading the prayers in Turkish. Since believers read the prayer for a purpose, their intentions are very important. In short, no matter what language they are read, prayers do not lose anything from their wisdom.

What is the Meaning and Meaning of the Prayer of Food?

The meaning and meaning of the table prayer is as follows:

Thanks be to Allah, who fed us, made us drink, and honored us with Islam. By the right of the prophets, give us the pleasures of Paradise. Drink kevser wine and marry the houris in Paradise. Praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

What is the Virtue of the Food Prayer?

The virtue of the table prayer means to be grateful for the food and drinks we have. Again, these prayers are recited in order to grant God food and drink from heaven. The most important virtue of prayer is to thank God.

When the prayer is not recited, there is no shortage of blessings. However, the Prophet of Islam, Hz. The fact that Muhammad recited this prayer at meal times is a sunnah for believers. At the same time, it is stated by scholars that reading these prayers will increase wisdom.

Prayer to be Read After Meal

After eating a meal or drinking a beverage:

In the name of Allah and with Allah.
He is the one who, thanks to his name Celal, cannot harm him on earth or in the sky. Ya Hayy, ya Kayyum!» say, no disease will come to you from what you eat or drink. Even if it has poison in it. (Ali al-Muttaqi, XV, 249/40799)

Why should the prayer of food be done?

Supper prayer is never a compulsory practice. In the science of Islam, no worship or prayer is made by compulsion. The main reason for the table prayer is to give thanks. Another purpose is to increase the fertility of the table.

According to scholars, after the prayer for food is read, one gets up from the table in a healthier way. Consumed food is not disturbed and is better digested. It is stated by scholars that the table prayer has many wisdoms. You can also enjoy your meals more and increase gratitude and abundance by reciting table prayers in Turkish or Arabic.

You can see the importance of the prayer for food, which brings blessings to the table, from both ancient and current Islamic scholars. Islamic scholars, at every opportunity, express that when the meal begins with a table prayer, the food eaten becomes lighter.

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