How the second round resonated in Germany: messages from German politicians

German politicians, AKPPresident of the Recep Tayyip ErdoganHe sent messages to Turkey because of the re-election of the President.

Germany Prime Minister Olaf Scholzcongratulated Erdogan on his re-election as president.

Scholz said, “Germany and Turkey are close partners and allies; we also have strong social and economic ties. We congratulate President Erdogan and want to advance our common agenda with a new momentum together.”


Chairman of the German-Turkish Parliamentary Group and member of the Green Party Max Lucksin Turkey after the election. LGBTI He said he was concerned about the rights of his people.

“Erdogan incites against LGBTI individuals in his very first speeches and brutally exploits them as pawns of his anti-human propaganda,” Lucks said.

Lucks is on the Council of Europe infringement cases of any political action against LGBT people. “accelerator effect” warned that it would.

Lucks, who was appointed as an election observer in Turkey, “Redefining German interests” he called.


German Christian Democratic UnionForeign policy spokesperson of the parliamentary group of CDU Jurgen HardtErdogan’s attack on Germany and the West “from the provocative route” He said he might return.

“After a serious analysis, Erdogan can conclude that his country’s major economic problems can only be resolved together with the EU and Germany,” Hardt said.

“The first test may be Erdogan’s decision on Sweden’s NATO membership and his stance at the NATO summit in mid-July,” Hardt said.


Minister of Food and Agriculture from the Green Party Cem OzdemirCriticizing the election celebrations of Turkish citizens in Germany, he said, “Turkey voted. I’m interested in what’s going on in Germany, where Erdogan’s supporters are celebrating without having to respond to the results of their vote. Many people in Turkey have to struggle with poverty and lack of freedom. He’s right. They’re angry as hell. That’s going to have to be talked about!” said.

“These convoys are not celebrations of harmless supporters of an authoritarian politician. They are a clear rejection of our pluralist democracy and proof of our failure in their rule. It is no longer possible to ignore it,” said Cem Özdemir.

Özdemir said, “I feel especially sorry for many young and well-educated people in Turkey who have lost all hope. Are we ready for an even stronger spread of extreme nationalism and fundamentalism by new imams from Ankara in this country (Germany)?” he added.


European People’s Party leader Manfred Weber announced that he is in favor of ending Turkey’s EU accession process.

“No one wants Turkey to become a full member of the EU anymore: neither Turkey nor the EU. The accession process should be shelved, as it hinders rather than promotes better relations,” Weber said.


Serap Güler, CDU Deputy, “Erdogan got less votes than he expected” “Perhaps what is surprising is that in the end, Erdogan only got 52 percent of the vote. Because he actually hoped for more, and so did the AKP.”

Güler said, “From 2012, Erdoğan changed his course against the West and it was no longer possible to talk about party-political cooperation with the CDU.”

Laughs, “nationalist values ​​play a greater role than human rights or freedom of the press” “Unfortunately, this has to be said. Many people said, ‘Yes, the economic situation is not good, but the security of the country is more important to me,'” he said.

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