How many minutes does the Friday prayer last, what time does it end? Details about the Friday prayer time…

The average number of minutes for the Friday prayer is on the agenda as it is Friday. Citizens, who have transactions after the Friday prayer, are looking for an answer to the question of how many minutes the Friday prayer lasts. Here is the information about the elapsed time between the beginning and the end of the Friday prayer…


Although there is no time standard for Friday prayers, the average 45 minutes to 1 hour is expected to last. How many minutes the Friday prayer lasts depends on whether the person who goes to the prayer performs the prayers like Zuhr-u-Ahir.

The duration of the Friday prayer may vary depending on the imam leading it. Some imams can start the prayer later by keeping the sermon part long. Some imams, on the other hand, keep the khutbah short and lead the prayer in a short time.

Since there is no fixed situation, it would be more accurate to say an average time. It is a prayer that usually lasts at least 40 minutes and at most 1 hour. It is a situation that completely changes according to the way the mosque teacher leads.

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