Home robot carrying goods with verbal command is on sale in Japan

The robot, produced by the Japanese artificial intelligence company Preferred Robotics, based in the capital Tokyo, goes under the specially designed mini wheeled service table.

Kachaka, in a rectangular shape suitable for domestic use, can bring or take things with the help of the coffee table on his back after verbal commands.

The device, the size of a robot vacuum cleaner, carries the object recorded via the mobile application to the desired point in the home or office with the given command.

Kachaka, which does not crash into walls and furniture with its sensor and camera equipment, prefers the best route while carrying its load to the desired point.

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The device, which cannot climb stairs, weighs 10 kilograms. The robot, which can carry a load of up to 20 kilograms, including its stand, can accelerate to 80 centimeters per second.

Preferred Robotics predicts that the robot device will reduce the time spent on routine tasks during periods of more time spent at home, such as remote working.

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In the promotional video, it is seen that the robot carries morning coffee to the newly awakened, cooked meals to the guests on the patio, and office items such as computers to the living room.

The “Kachaka” robot, which was launched with two separate service tables with two or three floors, was first offered for sale at a starting price of 251,800 yen ($ 1800).

Customers will also pay 980 yen (approximately $7) per month for the mobile application produced for the use of the device.

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Founded in 2014, Tokyo-based Preferred Robotics is recognized as one of the few “unicorn startups” in Japan with a market cap of over $1 billion.

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