‘Home Care Assistance Regulation’ in the Official Gazette

In today’s issue of the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Family and Social Services’Home Care Assistance Regulation‘ has been published.

According to the statement made by the Ministry; ‘Social Services LawThe procedures and principles regarding the application form, evaluation, payment and other issues of the assistance to be provided for the home care of the disabled people in need of care were regulated.

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For fully dependent children, according to disability classification ‘Very advanced special needs (ÖGV)‘,’prominent ÖGV‘ And ‘There is a special condition requirement (ÖKGV)‘, those who cannot continue their lives without the help and care of someone else, those who have been determined to need care by the home care committee, and those whose per capita income is less than 2/3 of the net minimum wage will be supported with home care assistance.

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Home care assistance payments cannot be transferred, assigned or sequestered. If there is a change in the conditions of benefiting from assistance due to household, income, health and similar reasons, the situation of these people will be re-evaluated.

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