Her baby was dead in her womb… The young woman was found dead in her room!

A 34-year-old woman named Yeliz A., whose baby died in her womb a few days ago in Kocaeli Gölcük, was found dead in her father’s house today. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

Released: 26.05.2023 – 18:04

Updated: 26.05.2023 – 18:04


Kocaeliof Pond located in his father’s house in Piyalepaşa Mahallesi of Yeliz A. (34) was found motionless in her room in the morning hours.

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Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notification of their relatives. Medical teams, who arrived at the scene in a short time, determined that the young woman had died.

It was reported that an investigation was launched into the incident.

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