Healthy diet also affects cancer treatment

Stating that cancer is a complex disease that occurs with the uncontrolled division and proliferation of cells and is under the influence of genetic and environmental conditions, Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist Veysel Ciğerli said, “Although there are more than 100 known cancer types and standard approaches have been developed for certain types of cancer, as much as possible. Cancer is also a personal disease. Since no two people in the world have a similar DNA, it is not surprising that people respond differently to similar treatments. With the advancement of technology, new treatment methods are being developed in addition to existing treatments. In addition to the standard chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical methods, vaccines, biological, hormonal, targeted and gene therapies have been used in increasing numbers. Especially breast, large intestine-rectum and blood cancers are more common in obese individuals than in normal weights. High fat consumption causes obesity. Consumption of fatty foods and spoiled fat also causes an increase in the intake of cancer-causing and promoting substances.

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Stating that adequate and balanced nutrition is important to prevent cancer, Cigerli said, “At least 5 portions of vegetables or fruits should be consumed per day. At least 2 portions should be green leafy vegetables or citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. Whole grain cereals should be preferred instead of refined grains and pure sugar. Especially high-fat and processed red meat consumption should be limited. Fish, chicken, legumes should be preferred instead of red meat. Meals should be cooked with less oil to reduce fat intake, meat dishes should be cooked with their own fat without adding oil, boiling instead of frying and roasting. Grill, oven cooking methods should be preferred,” he said.

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