Fainting in children may be due to heart disease

Just before fainting, you may experience blackouts, dizziness, and ringing in the ears. Injury may occur when falling because consciousness will be turned off. Hunger, fatigue, thirst, stress, standing for a long time, being in a crowd, heat and stuffiness can be triggering and facilitating factors. In fast growing children, the blood pressure and heart … Read more

Smartphones should not make the musculoskeletal system sick

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof. Dr. Nihal Özaras made important recommendations by pointing out the pain caused by the use of smartphones. The use of smartphones has become widespread Stating that posture disorders caused by intensive use cause widespread musculoskeletal pain, Prof. Dr. Nihal Özaras pointed out that with the increase in the use … Read more

Do moles cause cancer?

Do moles cause cancer? Flat or raised structures that appear on the human body for no reason are called moles. I can be seen in almost everyone. In some cases, moles can get to the point where they can bother people. Especially on the face, hair area, shoulder area, moles may appear and disturb people. … Read more

What is good for abdominal bloating? How Does Abdominal Bloating Go? Things That Are Good For Abdominal Bloating

30.08.2022 15:30 Last Update: 30.08.2022 15:33 What Is Good For Abdominal Swelling? Abdominal bloating causes great discomfort in people. First of all, the best food for bloating is fennel tea. If fennel tea is consumed once a day, bloating and discomfort caused by bloating will pass. Other foods that are good for stomach bloating include: … Read more