He was shot to death with a hunting rifle in her field

The incident unfolded in the Akgöl area of Adabağ District, within the Ereğli district. Ahmet Tuzcu, a married father of three children, had gone to tend to the irrigation hoses in a sunflower field the previous night but did not return home. Headman Musa Bayram and his family members, who ventured to the location, discovered Ahmet Tuzcu’s lifeless body in the field at approximately 14:00 today.

Upon receiving the report, gendarmerie units were dispatched to the area. Initial investigations suggest that Ahmet Tuzcu had been fatally shot in the head and back, presumably with a hunting rifle.

As Ahmet Tuzcu’s remains were transported to the hospital for a post-mortem examination, the gendarmerie initiated efforts to apprehend the individual or individuals responsible for the incident.

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