He said, ‘I’m going to my mother’, he left the house and disappeared

Zehra Zeynep Uncu, who lives with her mother Sevim Atalay, who left her father Ferhat Uncu in Efeler district, came to Koçarlı’s father in Yeniköy District at the weekend. The young girl, who stayed with her father until Wednesday, left the house by saying that I was going to my mother at noon. However, the young girl was never heard from again.

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When her family could not reach the young girl, she reported her missing to the gendarmerie. Mother Sevim Atalay said, “We have not heard from my daughter for 3 days. Their phones are not reachable. We want my daughter to be found as soon as possible. We are worried about her life.” It was learned that the young girl, who was determined to have been seen around Aydın Bus Terminal for the last time, could go to other cities.

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