He killed his wife and brother-in-law who left the house – Last Minute Türkiye News

In the Cami District of Ağrı’s Patnos district, security guard Metin Tunç (27) went to the house of his mother-in-law, who was also his relative, where his wife Birsel (24), who left the house a while ago, was staying at around 01:00.

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Here, an argument broke out between the parties. As the argument escalated, Metin Tunç shot his wife and her family one after another.

Upon notice, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene.

The arriving teams determined that Tunç’s brother-in-law, Fecri Tunç (32), had died. His injured wife Birsel Tunç, his mother-in-law Hatun (50) and his brother-in-law’s wife Nuriye Tunç (28) were taken to the hospital.

Birsel Tunç, who was treated at Ağrı Training and Research Hospital, could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors.

It was reported that the treatment of Hatun and Nuriye Tunç continues at Patnos State Hospital. Relatives of the Tunç family who heard about the incident had a nervous breakdown.

The police started an operation to capture Metin Tunç, who escaped after the incident.

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