He killed his lover and put him in the sack: First he confessed to ‘I made mouse poisoned rice’ and then he refused – Last Minute Turkey News

Life imprisonment requested

A lawsuit was filed against Sakhizadeh, who was arrested, at the Denizli 3rd High Criminal Court, demanding life imprisonment for “deliberately killing a woman”. She left with the file of NK, who helped transport the body. Sakhizadeh’s trial began today. To the trial; only detained defendant Sabour Sakhizadeh and his lawyer attended.

The Ministry of Family and Social Services was also involved in the case. Denizli Bar Association Women’s Rights Commission’s request to intervene in the case was not accepted.


Sakhizadeh, who gave a written defense in court, did not accept his previous statements. Stating that he gave his previous statements under duress, Sakhizadeh noted that he and Noori had a religious marriage and lived together. Sakhizadeh, who claimed that Noori had tried to commit suicide before, said, “This time, he may have committed suicide by drinking rat poison. I did not do it, I swear. I do not accept the accusations.” said. At the hearing, it was also stated that Noori had a restraining order for Sakhizadeh due to violence.


NK, who was heard as a witness at the hearing, said that his brother would carry iron and that he could not do it alone and asked for help from him. NK said, “It was in a sack wrapped in a blanket. On the way, the guards stopped us. He asked what was inside. We said that it had iron in it and we took it to the warehouse. They dropped us off. I am not guilty of anything in this incident. I did not know what was in it.” said.

The court decided to wait for the report on the digital examination of Sabour Sakhizadeh and Nadia Noori’s mobile phones and postponed the hearing to 12 September.

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