He had entered the courtroom with applause! He told what happened in the court on Cumhuriyet TV.

Going to the courtroom once again for insulting the President HKP Chairman Ankut He said the following words, accompanied by applause:

“Either we will introduce Tayyip Erdoğan and his associates to the steel bracelet, or we will end our lives in Silivri dungeon. All are welcome, the pleasure has come!”


About what happened in court RepublicIn a statement to . They should blame the man they’re defending. I’m here to judge the Tayyipists. I speak on behalf of the secular republic led by Mustafa Kemal in our anti-imperialist national liberation war, and you an operation weapon of the sultan of the illegal and forbidden palace You are here as.’ He then said to the judge, “Let’s not blame each other.”


Expressing that he also criticizes the judges in the courtroom, Ankut said, “Abdullatif Şener says, ‘The amount of money that the AKP and its circle has stolen from the public has exceeded 300 billion dollars’, is the only prosecutor going on this? We file a criminal complaint, the prosecutor reproaches by saying, ‘Did you find the day I was on duty? They don’t want to look. He collapsed the judiciary, collapsed the army, collapsed education. There is no Turkish university among the top 500 universities in the world. I said, ‘This man has destroyed the country, wrecked the secular republic, is establishing a medieval fascist religious state, you are sitting here’, they told me to calm down. We have put our lives in brackets for the independence of this country since 67, and we have been fighting with our heads on the couch,” he said.

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Ankut said, “I’m sad, I can’t stand it,” and continued as follows: “My poor family used to send 250 lira a month to the university, but these people paid the money of my teachers with the taxes accumulated in the state treasury. These people paid for the lighting and heating of the schools I studied. How am I not indebted to this people? Ali Yeşildağ says that Tayyip took 1 billion dollars in a single tender. I said to the judges, ‘You’re young, you’ll see. They will definitely come to these courts. They will give an account of their crimes, not before judges like you who were taken prisoner, but before independent judges who take their orders completely from the law and their conscience. Then Tayyip’s feet will tremble and he will not be able to stand. I pity you, you threw away, trampled and wasted the years you studied. I said, ‘You are carrying out the orders that come out between the lips of a person in the fugitive palace’.”

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Expressing his concerns about the security of the Presidential elections that will take place two days later, Ankut said, “Nobody believes in the impartiality of the YSK. Most of the members were appointed by Tayyip. I saw two of them during my TRT talk. He said, ‘Elections are neutral’, I said ‘Don’t tell stories’. Courts, YSK and even university professors have become allies. Ali Yeşildağ says ‘the biggest crime organization in the world’, we said this in 2006. They are hostile to women, secularism, democracy and every human value. in court This is what I told the two women who are Tayyip’s lawyers. ‘Thanks to the opportunities offered by the Republic, you studied, you came here. Tayyip advocates keeping you at home, making you a man’s slave between the bed and the kitchen. You are hostile to those who give you the right to be human. You are supporting the misogynist. I said,” he said.

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Court Nurullah Efe Ankut’to hold the next hearing of the case in which he was tried for insulting the President. 20 February 2024 at 10:00 delayed.


To date, HKP Chairman Nurullah Efe He was sentenced to 11 years and 8 months in prison for insulting AKP’s President Erdoğan. At the same time, the total number of Efe’s other defamation cases against Erdoğan. 32 years 8 months sentence is requested.

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