‘He did the worst in Survivor…’

Survivor 2023, the ambitious competition of TV8, hosted by Acun Ilıcalı and Murat Ceylan, came to the screen with the elimination episode the previous evening.

In the voting between Aziz, Cansu and Nefise, a name said goodbye to the island.


In Survivor, Yusuf won the first individual immunity game of the week and named Aziz. The winner of Survivor’s second individual immunity game was Yusuf, this time named Cansu.

Özgür, who won the last immunity game of the week, made Nefise elimination procession.


Aziz was the name who said goodbye to the competition by getting the fewest votes in the SMS voting among the audience. While Cansu and Nefise could not control their tears, Aziz drew attention with his farewell speech.

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Aziz, who had argued with Asena many times before, used the following statements in his speech:

“Don’t get mad at me if I talk too much as this will be my last speech. I’ll simplify it as much as I can. I’m very happy, I’m really happy. Because I’ve had incredible struggles here. Since the first week, there have been many people with whom I didn’t get along well. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been in a place where I wasn’t wanted. When I see people who don’t want in your life, I turn my back and go away.

But in Survivor, people had to stand in front of them more unless they wanted you. I did this. I didn’t even think for a second about going because they didn’t like me. I broke the games, I broke the councils, I broke the island. I have no regrets about anything I’ve done. I have had bad moments and I have had very good moments. I got strength from people like Nefise and Cansu, whose hearts I believe are good. I learned a lot.”

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“Before Survivor, I was a very fearful person, Survivor taught me to be brave. I sincerely wish success to my friends whose stories have remained. Maybe there are people who have melted fat right now, but they don’t care, and they never cared. Asena told me many times that you are ‘bad-hearted’. And I told him, ‘This is a very big comment.’ I don’t believe he has a bad heart either.

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But this year, he did the worst in Survivor. He abused a young girl. He broke his psychology, causing him to say goodbye to Survivor dreams. I especially tell Nefise and Cansu to never give up. This is the wolves’ table now. If I don’t see at least one of them in the final seat, I will be held accountable.”

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