Have exams been abolished in primary schools? Has the Ministry of Education abolished exams in primary schools?

There was a development that closely concerned thousands of students, parents and teachers. The new academic year brought with it some changes. One of these was about the examination regulations in primary schools.


According to the changes made by the Ministry of Education before this academic year, evaluation will not be made by examination in pre-school and primary school 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. In other words, written exams were completely abolished in primary school. A number of changes also occurred in high schools.


The parent of the student who is absent without excuse for two consecutive days will be notified, and if necessary, the parent will be called to school. Students whose absence period does not exceed 10 days without excuse and 30 days in total will be able to move to the next grade, depending on their success scores. Another innovation for the new era is the mobile phone ban. Students will no longer be able to attend class with their mobile phones. Teachers will not spend time on their mobile phones in the classroom. 50 success points will no longer be enough to pass the class. Those who have an end-of-year success score of 50 and fail only 1 course will be able to directly move to the next grade. Among the students whose GPA is 50, those who fail in 3 courses will be able to move to the next grade as a responsible student.

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