Harsh reaction from Wanda Nara… ‘How vile’

Mauro Icardi’s wife and manager Wanda Narabecame a trending topic with his response to a user who commented on his illness on social media.

A user on social media wrote to Wanda Nara, “Why did you lie about your illness?” he commented.


Nara responded to this comment by saying, “Fortunately, their numbers are small, but there is speculation. How despicable that someone would question or judge something I don’t even know about. This is a personal situation that they revealed and was made public, but not by me. Many people want to see me well and know what happened and how I am. One day I will tell you about this” he replied.

Another user called on Wanda Nara to share her experiences and help people with her illness. Wanda Nra responded to this comment by saying, “People judge you. I prefer to keep this to myself right now. I’ll tell you when I’m stronger. I would never play around with a health problem!” he replied.


During the first period of Wanda Nara’s illness, the Argentinian press claimed that Nara had leukemia. However, Nara did not reveal the exact diagnosis of his disease and only announced that he had started treatment.

Wanda Nara had previously made the following statements about her illness:

“While everyone was talking about it in the media, my children were crying. I felt like everything was falling apart. My family was devastated. Mauro wanted to end his career. Zaira came back from vacation. My mother was crying all the time. I was strong and made everyone feel that I was okay, because everything was falling apart.”

“Everyone was in shock. They were in shock and falling apart. Once I can understand, maybe I can tell the public about my illness. The doctors had their suspicions. It could be six different diseases. They didn’t tell me anything because they weren’t exactly sure. I had a biopsy and it took 15-20 days. Then it was confirmed. The biopsy “While my process was continuing, I learned about my illness from television.”


“He played hard to get them to tell me. At first the nurses came crying and hugged me. I said to Mauro, ‘I’m going to die and they won’t tell me.'”

“I told the doctors, ‘They are telling me about my illness on TV’. He didn’t know yet. He had 5 more tests done there, but they could not confirm my illness 100 percent. That’s why they want to detect the disease as accurately as possible in order not to make mistakes in the medications they give.”

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