Haluk Levent had complained… Deniz Akkaya testified!

AHBAP Associationfounder of musician Haluk LeventModel within the scope of the investigation initiated upon the complaint of Deniz AkkayaArrived at the Istanbul Palace of Justice in Çağlayan today.


Press Crimes Investigation BureauAkkaya, who gave his statement as a suspect, did not accept the accusations and said:

“After the earthquake disaster that took place on February 6, millions of our citizens have donated billions of lira to various institutions and organizations to support earthquake victims. At the beginning of the organizations that have been helped is the AHBAP Association, of which the complainant is the founder and chairman of the board. Billions of liras have been donated to this association alone. After the collection of aids, very serious allegations were made on social media and various news sources about how this association used the aid collected, whether it protected the donations made to it, and whether it was used in accordance with its purpose. Stating that many lawsuits have been filed against Haluk Levent for alleged fraud and forgery in the past, Akkaya said, “The complainant bought a tent from the Red Crescent with the money collected to help the earthquake victims and injured the conscience of the society. I expressed the allegations on social media in general. It was to inform the public about the allegations that Levent did not properly evaluate the billions of lira collected and did not take care of the public’s money.”

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About “insult“, “threatening“, “incite the people to hatred and enmity“, “spreading misleading information to the public” And “slanderStating that a complaint was made about his crimes, Akkaya stated that his social media accounts belonged to him. “I didn’t commit these crimes. They tried to create a perception by cutting some of these posts with malicious intent and distorting the meaning of my posts” said.

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Akkaya, who made a press statement in the square in front of the courthouse after his statement, stated that he set his heart on those who politicized the issue and said:

“I would like to state that this issue is not closely related to any political issue. Both those who are against my political view and those who are with me have made very interesting news about this issue. Everyone knows about it. Everyone in the art world is talking about it. Business people are talking about it, It has already spread from word to mouth in Cyprus casinos. I have no regrets. But in our country, it is in the concept of ‘Man is a slave, may the snake that does not touch me live for a thousand years’. No one else would have said that but me.”

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Expressing that the fraud did not have a political identity, Akkaya claimed that he was a very popular player among the victims who lost 125 thousand dollars and that he was charged when he wrote it. Akkaya,A lot of people said more serious things. But it’s okay, I did what was necessary as a citizen, do not hand over money to this man” said.

Akkaya’s lawyer, Merve Uçanok, stated that they gave a statement stating that the legal elements of the accusations were not formed and that their client suffered grievances regarding this issue and that they would submit documents related to them.

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